We at Iboga Sales specialize in and is committed to supply VERY POTENT QUALITY Tabernanthe Iboga Products. We own our farm here in Cameroon and supplements in Gabon neighboring countries and the BWITI region where IBOGA is harvested.

With Iboga Sales - every user or addict gets their money's worth here - exclusive products, first-class quality and personal customer service. Nice that you are interested in our products and philosophy.

With IBOGASALES Our iboga products are unique premium products !

It is extremely important for us to be able to offer you the highest quality . Because of this, we attach great importance to uniformly checking each batch and preparing it by hand for sale in our online shop.We have

Ibogaine TA
Iboga root bark
Iboga seeds
Ibogaine capsules
Ibogaine HCL
Ibogaine PTA
Ibogaine POWDER
Ibogaine capsules Online Supplier,
Ibogaine TA Online Supplier,
Iboga root bark Online Supplier,
Iboga seeds Online Supplier

With IBOGASALES Our iboga 100% sustainable origin

When choosing the right iboga plants, we make sure that we only harvest plants that have matured for more than 20 years. Since we know that iboga is a very valuable gift from nature to mankind, we make sure that this plant does not become extinct. To maintain the Iboga species, new seeds are constantly being planted

With IBOGASALES our products are Without additives

Since we want to keep our products in their purity , we refrain from adding any additives - because this is the only way we can really guarantee the really first-class quality of our products. The decisive factor for us is not the amount that we can make available for purchase, but rather that we stand behind our products because we are clear about the origin and further processing.

We always pay attention to which products we offer our customers and are constantly working on further developing our service for you and continuously improving it!

For us it depends on clear criteria that you can expect from us:

We at IBOGASALES offer you personal customer service

We at IBOGASALES offer you high-quality products at particularly fair prices .

We at IBOGASALES offer you fast shipping and secure payment for your order!

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